Air Fryer Cooking Times

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How Long To Cook Food In An Air Fryer

Cooking time in an air fryer will vary slightly by appliance. So the chart we have here is just a starting point. In the printable download, we have a blank space where you can fill in what your own air fryer needs for each food. Keep this handy on your fridge or taped inside a cabinet!

Note that fresh foods are listed first. Below that is a chart for frozen foods, and after that are baking times.

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Fresh Food Air Fryer Times

Cooking time for fresh food can vary based on cut and thickness. These are general times to give you a starting point. Every air fryer cook different, so the first time you make something, take note of the time required in your own air fryer. It may vary from the times listed below.

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Frozen Food Air Fryer Times

Frozen foods are probably the easiest foods to cook in an air fryer. They cook quickly and without any added fat in most cases. Again, cooking time can vary, so take note of cooking times in your own air fryer.

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Air Fryer Baking Times

Many people don’t know that you can bake in your air fryer too. If you are trying to convert a recipe, there is a very general rule of thumb you can use to convert a recipe from an oven recipe to an air fryer recipe.

  • Reduce the baking temperature by 25 degree F. or 4 degrees C.
  • Reduce baking time by 20%
  • Check regularly for doneness. Remember every air fryer will require a slightly different cooking time. So check frequently after the first few minutes. Then note the cooking time for the next time you bake a particular item.
  • Do not reduce oil or butter in the recipe. This doesn’t change from the oven to the air fryer.
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