About Air Fry Master

We are a mom and son duo who fell in love with air frying and have learned all the tips and tricks for doing it well over the years.

We were introduced to the world of air frying years ago by family friends. They had this “odd egg-shaped contraption” in their kitchen and we got curious.

We’ve owned many air fryers over the years and have loved the result of air frying ever since.

Mom is culinary school trained in plant-based cooking and son intends on being a chef after high school.

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About Tiffany McCauley and Mini Chef

Image of Tiffany McCauley

Tiffany McCauley – Founder and publisher

Hey there! I’m Tiffany McCauley, trained cook, food blogger, cookbook author and single mom to one amazing kid I lovingly refer to as, Mini Chef. (But he’s almost taller than me!)

When I first started air frying, I made all the mistakes that beginners make. I burned stuff, filled my kitchen with smoke, broke at least 2 air fryers single handedly, and definitely undercooked plenty of food. In the beginning, the air fryer was not my friend.

But I made it my mission to learn everything I could about these contraptions because, when I did get it right, it was amazing! So I studied and learned from every source I could.

I have culinary training in plant based cooking, but I am not solely plant based. While most of the recipes here will eventually be pretty healthy, I’m well aware that most people love to make snacky, junky foods in an air fryer. So you’ll find your fair share of those recipes here too.

I’m passionate about air frying. Both Mini Chef and I use our air fryer multiple times per day. It has virtually replaced both our oven and our microwave.

Our goal is to not only introduce you to air frying, and help you feel more comfortable with it, but also to help you excel with your air fryer. Air fried food is amazing and we truly want to help you experience wonderful, tasty, delicious, food straight from your air fryer.

Mini Chef

While you will never see his photo posted here, you should know a little about this amazing kid. He’s 13, loves Pokemon cards, Minecraft, his friends, his family, and most of all… cooking!

He has been in the kitchen with me from the day he was born. As soon as he could hold a whisk, I put him to work with me. We have shared many fun times and made many wonderful memories cooking and baking together. He’s currently a straight A student, loves lasagna, and very much wants to be a chef when he grows up. Yep, I’m a proud mama.

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This philosophy also extends to the business side of our website.

Air Fry Master makes money through affiliate links on this site. Most of which will take you to a recommended product on Amazon. We do our due diligence in researching and/or testing the products we recommend here. We like to think we do the leg work required of researching a good air fryer for you.

Because of this, we will only recommend products we feel are of good quality. Products you might actually benefit from. We will never accept payment for a positive review of a product. Plain and simple.

Should you decide to make a purchase through the affiliate links on our website, rest assured that it will cost you nothing extra. We are simply paid a referral fee from amazon or other companies we may decide to work with in the future. You are not charged anything extra.

The money we earn from these sorts of purchases goes towards keeping this website running as well as putting food on this small, family business dinner table. The money earned here will never go to a large corporation. It will go directly to a small business, so you can feel good about purchases made here.

Please know that our content is based on thorough research and is singularly focused on helping you, our readers, enjoy good food at home.

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