Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer Review: The Air Fryer That Seemingly Does It All – Is It Really That Good?

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Instant Vortex Pro 10QT ClearCook Air Fryer

 in stock
3 used from $154.63
Free shipping
as of May 20, 2024 3:34 pm

Not sure if the Instant Pot Vortex Pro is the right air fryer for you? In this Instant Pot Vortex Pro review, we’ll show you what this air fryer is all about, list all of its pros and cons, and help you to decide whether or not to buy it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Instant Pot Vortex Pro, 9 in 1, air fryer.

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Instant Pot Vortex Pro Air Fryer Review: In a Nutshell

The Instant Pot Vortex Pro Air Fryer offers 9 functions in 1 appliance, and we totally ♥ it.

  • The Instant Pot Vortex Pro lets you air fry, roast, broil, bake, toast, reheat, proof, dehydrate and rotisserie.
  • It comes with a stainless-steel exterior and easily wipes clean.
  • You’ll also get a drip pan, 2 cooking trays, 1 rotisserie basket, 1 rotisserie spit and 2 forks. All of these are dishwasher safe! (But totally easy to wash by hand, too!)
  • While it does require some warmup time, the warmup time is short. In fact, we often ignore it and just stick our food in there to start cooking!
  • The rotisserie basket is almost worth the price all by itself. We love that basket! It’s makes absolutely phenomenal french fries or sweet potato fries!
  • It takes about half the cooking time of a regular oven, for pretty much anything you want to cook in it.

Putting it all together, the main benefits of the Instant Pot Vortex Pro are its many functions that let you cook an endless number of foods with very little to no fat added. It cooks quickly and cleans up pretty easily, and it’s relatively affordable compared to other air fryers. And don’t forget the rockin’ french fries!

Almost all the recipes on this website are made using the Instant Pot Vortex Pro, and we couldn’t be happier about it!



In a nutshell, this air fryer rocks! It cooks everything from a whole chicken to a basket of fries and turns out deliciously cooked food each and every time.
It has:

Features and Benefits

  • It has a 10-quart capacity (most others range between 2 and 5 quarts)
  • While many air fryers come in an odd egg shape with a basket drawer, this one is shaped like a toaster oven. This allows for more cooking options.
  • Clean up is fairly easy, particularly on the removable parts.
  • It has a mostly stainless steel exterior, making a quick wipe-down very quick and easy.
  • It has an easy-to-use touchscreen control panel that never leaves you guessing about which button to push.
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 16.2 x 15.8 inches
  • Product weight: 21.9 pounds
  • Accessories included: 1 drip pan, 2 cooking trays, 1 rotisserie basket, 1 rotisserie spit and 2 forks.
  • Rotisserie function is basic, easy and makes the best chicken ever.
  • The air fryer basket tumbles the food you put in it for even roasting and a delicious, crispiness.


While this is our absolute favorite air fryer, there are a few cons to this appliance that we should mention.

  • Moving the basket in and out of the air fryer while it’s hot can be a little clumsy. Make sure you use pot holders!
  • The hinges in the door can be difficult to clean. Not impossible, but not the easiest either.
  • While some air fryers do not require a warm up period, this one does. (Even if it’s relatively short)


We cook with this air fryer on a daily basis. And while we love just about everything that comes out of it, there are some favorites we tend to make over and over again because they are just so darn good! Here’s a list:

Instant Vortex Pro 10QT ClearCook Air Fryer

 in stock
3 used from $154.63
Free shipping
as of May 20, 2024 3:34 pm


We’d love to say, “everyone”! But the truth is, this is a very beneficial air fryer for families and those who use an air fryer regularly.

This is definitely an appliance that will sit on your counter top for the long haul. It’s not something you can just tuck away in a drawer or cabinet. So make sure you have the space on your counter. We had to move a few things around to find a good place for ours, but it was totally worth it. We use it constantly!


  • If you are somebody who cooks infrequently, you might want to skip this one.
  • We also would not necessarily recommend it to somebody who has very limited space in their kitchen as this is among one of the bigger air fryers you can buy.


So, is the Instant Pot Vortex Pro Air Fryer (9 in 1) better than other air fryers? Well, that depends on how you plan to use it.

If you can see yourself using it often and using most, if not all of its different functions, then it’s totally worth the purchase. Ours has virtually replace our regular oven completely.

However, if you don’t cook at home very often and you are very limited on space, this probably isn’t the air fryer for you. And if that IS your situation but you are still interested in getting an air fryer, we recommend you start off with a small air fryer like the one we discuss here.

Pros of the Instant Pot Vortex Pro 9 in 1 Air Fryer:

  • It has a fantastic, 10 quart capacity
  • It makes rockin’ fries and rotisserie chicken that are actually healthy to eat
  • It’s removable parts and accessories are easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • It can replace several other appliances in your kitchen, which could actually be a space saver
  • It cooks food in half the time of a regular oven
  • It’s totally possible to cook totally healthy meals using this air fryer
  • It cuts down on the amount of oil you use which saves money AND inches on your waistline

Cons of the Instant Pot Vortex Pro 9 in 1 Air Fryer:

  • It’s not great for people with very limited counter space
  • The hinges can be hard to keep clean
  • It does have a short warm up period (which we usually ignore, but that doesn’t change the fact that it has one)
  • This would be too much air fryer for somebody who doesn’t plan on using it often

Instant Vortex Pro 10QT ClearCook Air Fryer

 in stock
3 used from $154.63
Free shipping
as of May 20, 2024 3:34 pm

Final verdict:

To conclude this Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer Review, we would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get into air frying at home. With so many functions, it can virtually cook almost anything, and cook it well. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that if you had this and and actual Instant Pot pressure cooker, you really wouldn’t need any other appliances in your kitchen at all!


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