Healthy Air Fryer Snacks

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Let’s face it. We buy air fryers in the hopes of eating healthier junk food. All those foods we love, made with less fat. But what about healthy air fryer snacks? Is that possible?

You bet’cha! Below is a nice long list of them!

Are Air Fryers Healthy?

As with most forms of cooking, you can only get healthy food out of an air fryer when you put healthy food in one to begin with. So yes, air fryers CAN be healthy.

Can You Eat Healthy With An Air Fryer?

Goodness, yes. Air fryers are specifically made to cook food with less fat and still get close to that deep fried texture, despite the lack of oil. As we mentioned above, if you put healthy food in, you’ll get healthy food out. So the real focus is on finding healthy recipes you can use in your air fryer. Thankfully, there are many

Healthy Snacks In The Air Fryer

What makes a healthy snack?

Keep in mind that the term “healthy” is subjective. It means different things to different people. So take the recipes that work for you and leave the rest from the list below.

What Is The Healthiest Thing To Cook in An Air Fryer?

We wouldn’t say that there is really a “healthiest” food to make in an air fryer. Just like we would never say that there is one, single healthiest food on the planet. There might be, but keep in mind that the best nutrition comes from a rainbow of foods. Eat a broad spectrum of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins (either animal or plant based), and you will naturally eat healthier.

Why Are Air Fryers Bad For You?

The only way an air fryer would be bad for you is if you are cooking a bunch of unhealthy foods in your air fryer.

What Makes Food Unhealthy?

We often assign labels to the foods we eat. “Healthy”, “unhealthy”, “low carb”, “low fat”…. and on and on. The term “unhealthy” is just as subjective as “healthy”. And that’s okay.

Every person requires something different for optimum nutrition. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to healthy eating. But there are some generalities that often mean that a food is truly unhealthy. Theses are the hallmark markers for unhealthy food:

  • Highly processed
  • High in saturated fats (particularly highly processed fats)
  • Anything that your own body is sensitive or allergic to
  • High in processed sugars
  • High in refined white flours

What Foods Are Good To Cook In An Air Fryer?

There are so many! If you don’t mind a small amount of prep, good, healthy food from an air fryer can be a constant thing in your eating plan.

What Can You Make In An Air Fryer That’s Healthy?

So, so much! The list below is just a starting point. Check them out, and don’t forget to look for upcoming snack recipes on this site as well.

Air Fryer Kale Chips – By Drug Store Divas
Kale Chips come out incredible when you make them in the air fryer. They’re better this way than in the oven.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Kale Chips sitting on a white plate.
Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower – By My Everyday Table
Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower is an easy and delicious way to make cauliflower! 4 ingredients and 10 minutes is all it takes.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower on a white plate sitting next to a small bowl of dip.
Air Fryer Crispy Coca Chickpeas – By Strength And Sunshine
Looking for a quick & easy chocolate snack? These 3-Ingredient Crispy Cocoa Chickpeas are gluten-free, vegan, allergy-free, and sugar-free! This recipe can be made quick and oil-free in the air fryer or roasted in the oven! A healthy, sweet, and protein-packed snack the whole family will love!
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Crunchy Cocoa Chickpeas in a yellow bowl.
Air Fryer Vegan Calamari – By Strength And Sunshine
Insanely crispy Vegan Calamari made in the air fryer! This healthy plant-based calamari is gluten-free, allergy-free, and oil-free! Made with Hearts of Palm and a light seasoned breading, this squid-free calamari recipe will blow your mind and become your go-to appetizer for impressing anyone!
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Vegan Calamari on a white plate sitting on a white background.
Air Fryer Artichoke Hearts – By Strength And Sunshine
A super easy, delicious, and crispy snack or appetizer recipe! These breaded Air Fryer Artichoke Hearts are gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-free! Tossed in a lightly seasoned breading, there’s no oil needed for these healthy air fried artichokes. They’re a perfect party finger food to go along with a simple dairy-free yogurt dip!
Check out this recipe
Air Fried Artichoke Hearts on a white plate surrounding a white bowl of dip.
Vegan Air Fryer Fried Pickles – By Strength And Sunshine
The ultimate crispy, tangy snack! Gluten-Free Air Fryer Fried Pickles! This healthy version of the classic deep-fried Southern recipe is vegan, egg-free, allergy-free, & made without oil! Your favorite festival food, homemade, & served with a creamy ketchup dipping sauce!
Check out this recipe
Air Fried Pickles on a white platter with a bowl of dip in the center. A hand dips one pickle into the dip.
Air Fryer Keto Avocado Spring Rolls – By Keto Vegetarian Recipes
Cooked in an air fryer these crispy spring rolls have a creamy avocado filling packed with flavour. Enjoy them by themselves or serve with a tasty dip.
Check out this recipe
Avocado Spring Rolls on a white, rectangular platter.
Air Fryer Keto Halloumi Fries – By Keto Vegetarian Recipes
Halloumi fries are coated with a savoury gluten free flour mixture and air fried for a crispy fried cheese appetizer.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Halloumi Fries served with ketchup and guacamole on a white, square platter.
Air Fryer Cabbage Massoor Dal By Veg Cookbook
Cabbage & Masoor Dal / Red Lentil Pakoda
Indian style, Plant Based, Savoury Snack / Appetiser. Both Stove-top & Air Fryer methods with step wise pics, tips & full video given.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Masoor Dal sitting in a large green leaf on a silver platter.
Air Fryer Chickpea Fritters – By Veg Cookbook
Protein & Fiber Rich Snack, Starter, Appetiser for evening tea time / parties / travel / kids lunch box.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Chickpea Fritters on a red platter.
Air Fryer Zucchini Fries – By Keto Cooking Christian
Zucchini fries baked in an Air Fryer are a healthy low carb alternative to french fries, served with a zesty dipping sauce!
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Zucchini Fries served with dip on a white platter.
Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries – By Cook At Home Mom
These air fryer sweet potato fries are the absolutely best side dish ever! Cooking fries in the air fryer makes them nice and crispy without the need for lots of oil, plus they’re just SO easy to make!
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries in a black air fryer basket.
Air Fryer Mushrooms – By This Healthy Kitchen
These air fryer mushrooms are bursting with umami flavour! Delicious, just 4 ingredients and ready in no time!
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Mushrooms sitting on a brown plate with lemon wedges.
Air Fryer Burger Bites – By Cook At Home Mom
Looking for a healthy appetizer for the big game or your next get-together? These Air Fryer Burger Bites will be the hit of the party for kids and grown ups alike, and they’re Paleo, Whole30, Keto, and Low Carb!
Check out this recipe
An Air Fryer Burger Bite on a toothpick with dressing, lettuce, a small pickle and a cherry tomato.
Air Fryer Frozen Broccoli – By Abundance Of Flavor
A crispy “fried” snack without the hassle of deep frying with oil. Air fryer frozen broccoli is a tasty treat that satisfies and keeps the hunger cravings at bay.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Broccoli sitting in a black air fryer basket.
Air Fryer Plantains – By Homebody Eats
Air fryer plantains are a sweet & simple snack! They crisp up perfectly in an air fryer and come together in under 20 minutes.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Plantains in a green bowl, nestled in parchment paper.
Air Fryer Potato Skins – By Mae’s Menu
Air Fryer Potato Skins are one of our new favorite healthy snacks! These potato skins taste just like the crunchy and cheesy skins you know and love while being rich in fiber and protein and lower in fat (than traditional skins)!
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Potato Skins on a white marble surface.
Air Fryer Vegan Cheesy Potato Wedges – By V Nutrition And Wellness
These Vegan Cheesy Potato Wedges are a perfect snack when you’re craving something cheesy and comforting. The potatoes are air-fried so they’re a much healthier choice than regular fried potatoes.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Vegan Cheesy Potato Wedges in a white bowl.
Air Fryer Popcorn Tofu – By V Nutrition And Wellness
This Popcorn Tofu crispy and is much healthier than deep-fried nuggets because no oil is used when air frying or baking the tofu. It’s a fun option for a snack or an appetizer for kids (or the young at heart!).
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Popcorn Tofu spilling out of a box onto a table. A bowl of dip sits behind it.
Air Fryer Healthy Samosas – By Urban Farmie
Delicious vegan air fryer samosa made with just six staple pantry ingredients!
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Samosas on a black plate.
Air Fryer Gluten Free Crackers – By Enhance Your Palate
Air Fried Gluten Free Crackers, Made with Lupin flour and Lentils: These Crunchy, Savory, Vegan Gluten-Free Crackers use only few ingredients and are so easy to make at home. You are going to love the irresistible flavor of these low carb protein rich crackers. These gluten free crackers are perfect as a pre-dinner nibble either with a dip or a chunk of cheese or even with a hot cup of tea. Made with whole-grain, nutrient dense ingredients, these gluten free vegan crackers will keep you coming back for more.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Gluten Free Crackers in an open canning jar.
Air Fried Chickpeas – By Recipe This
Air Fryer Roasted Chickpeas. How to air fry chickpeas without oil, with different flavour combinations. My number #1 favourite healthy air fryer snack, that is so easy you will be wondering why it took you so long before you cooked air fryer chickpeas.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Chickpeas sitting in a black air fryer basket.
Air Fryer Granola Bars – By Recipe This
Are you ready to experience the most delicious healthy snack ever? Then let me introduce you to my chewy granola bars that are cooked to perfection in the air fryer.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Granola Bars stacked on a checkered cloth.
Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs – By The Holy Mess
Did you know you can make eggs in an Air Fryer? Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs are super easy. All you need are the Air Fryer and eggs. You don’t even need water. In less than 20 minutes you can have the delicious hard boiled eggs ready for your next snack or meal.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs resting in a wire basket.
Air Fryer Popcorn – By Pink When
Air Fryer Popcorn is a quick and easy snack in the Air Fryer. You’ll love the light taste and flavor of Air Popped Popcorn.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Popcorn in a glass bowl.
Air Fryer Wontons – by Walking On Sunshine Recipes
Crispy wontons filled with veggies are the perfect bite-sized appetizer.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Won Tons in a black air fryer basket. Tongs lift a single won ton towards the camera.
Air Fryer Barbecue Chicken – By Walking On Sunshine Recipes
Ready in 10 minutes! Bite sized bacon wrapped chicken.
Check out this recipe
Air Fryer Chicken Bites wrapped in bacon and sitting on a white cutting board next to two glass bowls of dip.

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