Best Air Fryer Racks And Dividers

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Need air fryer racks or dividers for your air fryer? They are handy tools to have! They help you cook multiple foods at once without any crossover or cross-contamination.

Air Fryer Racks

There are two types of air fryer dividers. Dividers that divide horizontally, giving you separation from side to side, and racks that divide your vertical space by giving you an extra rack for a second layer of food. Both have their place and purpose, but you don’t necessarily need to use them. Let’s take a look.

Air fryer racks are the more popular of the two dividers simply because they give you more room to cook more food. Whereas, a horizontal divider divides up the basket area into smaller sections.

Air fryer racks and dividers are typically used with basket type air fryers, though some may be possible to use in toaster oven air fryers or paddle type air fryers, if the paddle is removable.

These racks come in a few different sizes, but in most cases, will be a little smaller than your actual air fryer basket as racks are made in more generic sizes, rather than to fit and exact brand or model of air fryer.

How To Fit A Rack For Your Air Fryer

This is a simple, common sense thing. Simply get the measurements in diameter or width and length, depending on your style of air fryer, and make sure that whatever rack you purchase is slightly smaller than that.

You never want the metal to actually touch the side of your air fryer. There should be a small bit of wiggle room between the rack and the inside of your air fryer basket or shelf. Also make sure that any food you put on your rack will have clearance between it and the top of your air fryer where the fan is often located. You still need clearance for air circulation and safety. So, if in doubt, go smaller. You will still get extra space for more food, but won’t risk things going wrong.

That being said, if there is a rack made specifically for your model of air fryer, then by all means, purchase that one. There’s no reason to try and guess if there is one that fits your air fryer exactly. The above tips are simply for those of us who have to guess a little bit at what would work best for our particular air fryers.

Here are a few different types and sizes of racks.

Air Fryer Basket Dividers

The idea behind these air fryer basket dividers is to be able to cook multiple types of foods in one basket without your food getting mixed together. There are several situations where you might want this.

While these are not as popular as racks, they are effective at keeping your food separate. This can be handy when some foods have different cooking times and you need to remove one before the other without the food getting mixed up.

And for those with food sensitivities or phobias, these keep foods well separated.



While racks and dividers are not necessary for successful air frying, they can certainly be helpful in expanding the functionality of your air fryer.

Air fryer racks will give you more space for adding more food in one batch without crowding your basket or shelf so much that air flow is restricted. The only downside to air fryer racks is if you’re cooking food that is thick. Something like thick steaks. A rack can raise thicker foods so high that they touch the cieling of your air fryer. Something you absolutely want to avoid.

Also note that you shouldn’t put lighter weighted foods on an upper rack as the force of the air flow can blow your food off the rack.

Air fryer basket dividers are wonderful at helping to avoid cross contamination or mixing of different foods in your air basket. However, the downside is that your cooking space in your basket becomes that much smaller.

So as you can see, both types of dividers have their purpose as well as their pros and cons. But used at the right moments with the right foods, they can also be indispensable at helping you quickly and efficiently cook you meals.

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